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Our Objectives

The main objective is to produce a acquire store up and analyze climatic and environmental data More Info »

EWSAD Portal

This is a people-centered web-based Early Warning System for Agricultural Disaster. It is a new Web More Info »

Our Vision

To increase the preparedness of South-western Nigeria to combat out of the food insecurity More Info »

Welcome to Early Warning Systems for Agricultural Disaster Website

As recurrence rate and strength of natural disasters increase all over the world, preparedness against them has become of crucial interest to people and governments of the world. Interestingly the world focus has been on issues as flooding, earth quakes, volcanoes, landslides, etc without considering famine as a far more reaching disaster that may arise from the effects of these occurrences. The lack of forethought about food availability on a larger scale is frightening. The need for alerts that worldwide famine is an all too real possibility in the very near future has never been greater. Humanity need to prepare more than ever before to combat things that can undermine the ability to feed themselves. For instance, if less water is available for agricultural production due to drought and we cannot see ahead then food production will be in jeopardy.

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